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  1. Finding an ACR for sale
    WTT: 300 AAC Blackout and extras for ACR Hello, I'm new to the ACR community and am hoping someone could show me some love and help a brother find an ACR to add to my collection. I'm interested in trading my new AR 15 which is from Tactical Weapon Solutions (TWS) 5.56 x 45 which was about...
  2. Beyond 5.56/.223
    i just got a acr and im looking at getting the aac 7.62 sdn surpessor and i want a .300 blk barrel or a 6.8:D if anyone has one for sale please post. i also want a trijicon acog scope or the leupold hamr
  3. ACR Technical Discussion
    Guess the Freedom Group is at it again. The 300 AAC blackout is a new round that is the same as the 7.62x39 but doesnt have the draw backs of the heavy tapered case. If I read it correctly, a 20 rnd ar15 mag will hold 20rnds of the new round. Also only the barrel has to be changed, not the bolt...
1-3 of 4 Results