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Thread: New ACR owner from Germany

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    New ACR owner from Germany

    Hello! I recently bought one of the probably very few ACRs that made it to Germany. The German distributor doesn't sell them anymore, respectively Bushmaster withdrew from the German market. I was told that there will be only about 1-2 shipments of spare parts per year, so if I need a part I'll might have to wait for months. However, due to the various restrictions on civilian gun ownership in Germany, there are not many alternatives available that offer similar features like a folding stock plus AR magazines. I could buy various ARs and a few other types, but I can't buy the SCAR, the modern SIG 556 or bullpup rifles like the Tavor. The Sig MCX may become available, but currently they are still seeking the necessary permission from the German authorities and are in preparation for the market launch. I don't know how long it will take until they actually ship it to customers in sufficient numbers and how much it's going to cost. Probably over 3000 Euros - firearms are pricey in Germany, especially new ones. The most similar rifle which is readily available would be the XCR (3000 Euros and the distributor is a one person company) or the B&T APC223 (APC556), which is a fine rifle but very heavy and expensive, 2500-3000 Euros (the adjustable stock is optional and costs another 600 Euros more). The ACR Enhanced had a MSRP of 2700 Euros and mine cost me 2200 Euros in slightly used condition. That was about the same price as for a new HK243 S TAR (civilian G36 with rails and adjustable stock), which I did not want because the upper is all plastic and it has a horrible, very heavy, proprietary trigger. However, the ACR was sold to me as "trade show exhibit, condition as good as new, 0 shots", but when I received it, I had to find out that it was quite dirty inside, even the barrel. I assume it could have been a few hundred shots in total. I'll post some pictures in another thread to ask for your opinion. I have a few days left to decide whether to keep or return it. I haven't shot it yet. The only negative thing I realized so far, it indeed is really heavy towards the muzzle. The front portion of the barrel is 0.5mm thicker in diameter than the barrel of a SIG 716 (.308 caliber), why did they do that? Thanks!
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    Willkommen! If it were mine I'd clean it up really good and head to the range to see how it shoots. If it functions properly and shoots straight then I wouldn't worry about it. Yes, the barrels that Bushmaster went with on the ACR are heavier profile than I think they needed to be. My take was they did not want to build or source specific barrels and so just went with the AR-15 / M-4 profile barrels they already had. The bad news is the weight, but the good news is that both of mine have been quite accurate.

    Hope it works out and you can keep it. Enjoy!
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