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Thread: New ACR Owner

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    New ACR Owner

    Hi, my name is Sam and I'm from Texas. I had never known about or considered buying an ACR. I always thought of it as some sort of Call of Duty gun that didn't truly exist in the civilian market. Then one day I see a "race" where the winner gets a brand new ACR. I paid my "entry fees" of $330 and wound up the new owner of a gun with limited parts availability. Im happy I won it and after putting 2 mags through it, I'm unsure as to whether I want to use it, or hold on to it and start a gun collection.

    I know if I plan to use it, I will SBR the gun and have to have a bit of custom parts made.

    If I plan to collect it, I will have to buy another one that (of course) will still become an SBR. Currently have only put 60 rounds through it just to see what the hype was all about. Absolutely PHENOMENAL gun. Im in love.

    I'm sort of going to beat the dead horse on this one. I know you will mostly say the same, but I can't stand certain aspects of this gun.
    -The trigger: The 8lb trigger pull is ridiculous. I mean, its consistent (unlike the "7.5lb" on my Ruger AR 556) but its just way too heavy for such a gun of this caliber.
    -The safety selector: Don't even get me started on this, the BIGGEST problem IMO on this gun. First of all, why bother making it ambi if it CONSTANTLY comes into contact with your trigger finger. Its too bulky. Second, is the drum PLASTIC?! Its so clunky and feels like a cheap Wal-Mart toy. Its too tough to reliably actuate. (I need new!)
    -The weight: Obviously one of the biggest drawbacks to the entire weapon system. I can see why this was never adopted by our military. Even with all of the polymer furniture and zero attachments, this thing is ridiculously heavy for a simple 5.56 gun. Granted, we are mostly fortunate and a bit spoiled to have such lightweight capability of the Ar15 platform. Perhaps that is the reason we don't care for the weight.

    With all that being said and speaking of my personal dislikes about the ACR, I am still a happy owner. I love this gun. It performs like a champ for the 60 rounds I put through it, its well balanced considering the facts, and it looks bad ass. I look forward to chatting with you all and receiving advice and parts as well. Here's my gun... (still looking for a new handguard, an MI or RPM)
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    Welcome aboard, Sam! It only gets better as you tweak and customize it with goodies you’ll find around here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderDan19 View Post
    Welcome aboard, Sam! It only gets better as you tweak and customize it with goodies you’ll find around here.
    Where are all the major goodies? Lol. Everything is so hard to find as important upgrades are usually bought moments after posted.
    Thanks for the welcoming message. I look forward to furthering my build and knowledge with help from you all.

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    The number one goodie would be a new trigger, and with the ACR pretty much any AR-15 trigger that's not self-enclosed should work. Most people here get some kind of Geissele in their ACRs.

    Getting the barrel down to a shorter, lighter package is popular as well. You can simply have your 16" chopped to 14.5", pinned and welded, and lose the M4 profile to make it handle much better.

    If you're planning on getting on any future caliber conversions made by Templar Precision, you might want to consider getting one of the ambi charging handle assemblies from Bushmaster. You can find them on Midwest Gun Works or GunBroker.

    The last thing I can think of off the top of my head would be new safeties. I find the regular plastic one in mine to be sufficient so you'd have to contact Templar Precision about it if you want to know more.

    Not really goodie related, but more maintenance. You should get some blue loctite on the screws since some people have noticed that they can come loose. Also, the QD cups and their screws might need to get some Cerakote or something because for me they had some nasty rust and wear going on and I don't even use them.
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