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    So I've had the BTMK-10 system for awhile and can't say I'm very pleased with it so far. I've been communicating with the owner trying to resolve the issues, but this is supposed to be a military tactical system. Out of the box, from the laser itself to the mounting system, it sure feels like a Milstd system but after I put it on, I had second thoughts. First, I mounted it on the left side. I was able to zero in azimuth but ran out of adjustment authority in the vertical and couldn't even get it inside the circle on my EOTech. So I contacted the owner and told him my issue.

    He suggested mounting it on the right side as it was designed for the right side. I told him I'd try it but was surprised since the website said left or right mounting. Before I moved it, it made sense it would work since if I was low on the left side, flipping it over would make me high and able to bring it down to zero. It indeed worked. The owner said he'd send me out a new mount to test but that was October 10th and haven't seen it yet.

    So out to the range I go. Full daylight and able to barely see the dot at 25 yds which is good for a 5mw laser. It was very accurate but I noticed every few shots it would walk off zero. So I'd adjust it would do it again. Eventually, I ran out of adjustment authority. I was again confused...until I went to take the mount off. The laser is designed to be removed easily to be used as a hand held pointer in the field, so the laser is mounted by pushing the laser into the mount until two alignment arrows line up. I did that. It's held in place by the friction of the adjustment leaf springs in the rear of the mount. Let me see....fore-aft insertion, guns that recoil think it might come loose? That's exactly what it did. I contacted the owner about this and told him for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why they didn't incorporate something like turn-to-lock instead of just pushing it into the mount. After a few times of doing that, it's bound to come loose during firing. And this is only a 5.56. What if I had it mounted on a 7.62? Probably would have thrown it downrange.

    I really like this and I really want it to work. We'll see if anything changes with a new mount but if they're still using friction retention of the laser, I doubt it will.

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    any of you guys know much of the barska, link:

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    Someone may have already asked this, but how has it worked in low temps? I hear some of the non military green lasers don't handle the cold very well.

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