Well I've been trying to get hold of Ramy for about a month now with no luck so it looks like I'll probably go with one of the Bushmaster M-lok handguards once BM gets them in stock and puts them on a 20% off sale again.

For those of you that have these, what light mount setup are you using? I'd like to mount a Streamlight Protac HL-X at 11:00 in a cantilever mount using the farthest forward M-lok slot on the port side but it seems like I can either find cantilever inline mounts to put it at 9:00, or non-cantilever 11:00 mounts-and a lot of those look like they're designed for ARs with very thin forends. I think the ACR forend has a taller profile on the sides where the screw that attaches the peg that fits in the front of the receiver and that this would interfere with many of the 11:00 mounts.

Right now I am looking at the Arisaka ring light mount (https://arisakadefense.com/collectio...ht-mount-m-lok) and the Magpul extended cantilever scout mount (https://www.magpul.com/products/m-lo...uctColor=VO343). Which mount I go with determines which version of light I need as I need the handheld version to fit the ring mount and the rail mount version with integrated rings to fit the Magpul.

Ideally I like my hand positioned farther out on the handguard with my thumb at 11:30 or 11:00 and the bottom of my hand indexed on the BCM stubby VFG. I'd like to be able to turn the light on and off with a slight adjustment of my thumb and TBH I think the Magpul mount would be perfect if the ACR had an 11:00 rail position. I don't want the tailcap too close to the crotch of my hand or index finger knuckle where I might bump it.

What I may do is just go with the Magpul setup and if I don't like it at 9:00, I can mount it at 3:00 and run a tape switch. Any thoughts or experience you can share?