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Thread: Sidearm Choices (what do you carry and shoot and what is a range gun only)?

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    Duty weapon is an HK P2000... not the best but it is what it is. Personal carry I use the SW M&P Shield 9mm, love that gun for concealed carry. For the range, Springfield 1911 .45 and HK USP 9mm

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    Duty Weapon is Glock 22. Winter or loose clothes carry is Glock 19. Summer carry is Bodyguard 380.
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    Getting rid of my Glock 35, gonna try to pick up the new Beretta M9A3. Concealed is my Walther P99.
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    Winter carry is my subcompact Sig P250 in .40cal. When it gets warmer I swap out to my Sig P938.

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    goin back to a P99as and a PPS sub comp both in .40.AND Walther finnally came out w/ a .45!!!!
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    I shoot a custom g19; Roland special 90% of the time. It’s my competition gun as well as what I put on my battle belt and sometimes CCW. I carry my G43 the most since it’s a bit more comfortable.

    I put over 10k flawless rounds down the pipe of my Springfield Operator, it sits by my bedside.

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    Hk Mark 23

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    g19x now - so much better than my custom g19 it's annoying

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    I have my full size kimber warrior 1911 45. for my truck gun. It has a surefire torch and wilson combat 8 rounders packed with hornady critical duty ammo

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    Just swapped from my modded. I'm loving it so far.

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