Quick test of limited production OPMOD 1x6
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    Quick test of limited production OPMOD 1x6




    Bought a vortex strike eagle OPMOD with aero mount for my daughters first rifle and decided to do a few rounds in the ACR and in a word fantastic!!!!

    Besides the fact I love the color, it was only 360 with scope and mount shipped on optics planet using the honey chrome extension and it only weighs 21 oz total - The whole package weighs 8 pounds minus ammo with the 10.5, templar trunion and bolt and in the next week I hope to bring that down to 7 pounds and ultimately 6.5 or so.

    The glass is good and the 556 reticle do very well, which is why you see some of the 3 gun competitors using them in the entry to mid level range, but most of all it just works. It fits the acr with the standard stock though I would use the fixed stock personally which is what I plan to do with the other ACR I am building. I will probably use he same scope with that one. I was at a private range so no pics there but I got hit in the face with a surefire some bullshit light and the reticle was still usable so that was cool and makes me think my acr go gun should have one instead of it's aimpont.

    If you guys are interested you can buy them here, make sure to use honey or find a good coupon code and check the shipping type, also I chose to use the 30mm aero mount because I don't like quick detach mounts and it's much much lighter.



    I'm using a troy linear compensator so I can unscrew it but I am shortening the barrel along with another muzzle device next week that will allow me to fold and drop it into this case even with a 20 round mag.

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