modified a long masada handguard
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    modified a long masada handguard

    I looked everywhere for a long ACR handguard

    doing competition forces one to utilize a long handguard in the constant adjustments made

    I bought this one from Europe and have had to make quite a few modifications to fit it to an actual ACR, then I decided to cut some windows in it a bit to lighten it up some

    I did manage to trim about 1.6 oz off, making it slightly lighter than the factory handguard and still maintain some good strength while handling and even bracing it off something

    my methos for cutting the windows were archaic at best, but it did the trick after some fine sanding

    ACR_foregrip (6).jpgACR_foregrip (1).jpgACR_foregrip (2).jpgACR_foregrip (5).jpgACR_foregrip (4).jpgACR_foregrip (3).jpg
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