What optics is everyone running ?
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Thread: What optics is everyone running ?

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    What optics is everyone running ?

    While waiting on my paperwork I'm saving up for a micro what do you guys run on yours?

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    Elcan OS3 on one of mine, and a cheap TRS25 on the other until I figure out something better.

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    Right now I've got an old TA01NSN I pulled from one of my AR's, but I ordered a TA31H in red. New gun, new optic -- the NSN's tritium is old and getting weak.

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    For mine, I run an Acog TA31RCO-M150CP. I've fallen in love with it after using having had one issued.

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    TA33 ACOG here, with the inverted chevron and .223 BDC reticle. For the type of shooting I do 3x is perfect, the reticle is fast and easy to use, excellent eye relief, and the scope's light weight help keep the portly ACR at 9 pounds.

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    Just bought a TA31RCO-M4CP at my local gun shop for $799! Was sold as used without a box or the accessories besides the killflash, but it looked like it had just been opened and never mounted on a weapon. At that price and being the perfect match for my 14.5" ACR, I think I got lucky! Can't wait to pick it up and try it out!
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    Sig Romeo 4B.

    I have two of these, one on my Sig MPX and now one on my ACR.

    Yeah yeah, I know there is probably a lot of commonality with the Holosuns but I liked Sig's packaging and I think there maybe be some Sig proprietary internals. Maybe.

    Regardless, love them. Love the circle-dot reticle, the compact size, build quality . . . pretty much everything about them. And at a decent price point. Too bad they've been discontinued.

    Oh, and the ACR is set up with the Romeo 4B red dot on it's tallest QD riser base. I went ahead and ditched the ACRs BUIS. . . I like running my guns rather spartan w/o a lot of "stuff" on them.

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    I've mounted a Meprolight M21 reflex with bullseye reticle on mine. I like the M21. It's built like a tank and has a wide field of view.

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    Aimpoint T1 on an ADM SOCOM riser. It's a good sight but I wouldn't buy another. When I got it the T1 was king of the market. Nowadays there are so many good competitors. Others I own on different rifles include the Trijicon MRO and RMR series, and I like both of them more than the T1.

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    Vortex spitfire 3x. Like others have said the 3x just feels right on the ACR. Quick to shoot but just enough to put rounds exactly where you want them.
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    My 8" 300BLK ACR SBR build thread:
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