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    Given some of the responses in other threads, any other calibers would probably necessitate a change from C158 to 9310 because we don't know if we can pull this kind of deal again so a bolt with a better life expectancy would offer peace of mind. Of course that change would be moot if the all the processes for service life that you mentioned add up to that level.

    That being said, 6.8 SPC has some interest and .264 LBC/7.62x39 would be nice for any DMR builds or for Templar Precision's AK lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSS View Post
    Yes. I'm awaiting one final quote on a sub-component to finalize pricing next week. I'll start a new thread next week to allow folks to sign up. Right now I'm focusing on 5.56/.223/300BO but am open to other calibers if interest is there. Bolts will be made from Carpenter 158 with a Nickel Boron finish plus other improvement to aid in service life. I'll provide additional details when I start the new thread.
    I'm definitely interested.

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