People have been contacting me since I posted pics. They're the same angle as stock, slightly longer (about .1" each way) and can be flippped so they're angled up or down. These an experiment in terms of material, so I don't know how well they'll hold up. They're billet 6061 aluminum and machined to perfection. Softer than the 7000 series receiver, so the peening should be less than stock, plus its spread across both sides which is better still. I haven't anodized any yet as I'd like to test them thoroughly first.

That said, if someone wants one in-the-white, as shown, and just the aluminum portion (polymer ends not included), I'm offering them for $25 each shipped first class in a padded mailer with payment by PayPal. No tracking or insurance, you'll just have to trust me. I'd also like feedback as to how well it works if you buy one, so let me know.

Please email me, don't pm, to (remove NOSPAM)