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Thread: HPA / Tax Stamp

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    HPA / Tax Stamp

    I was thinking of waiting until the Hearing Protection Act passes to get around the $200 tax stamp. Any thoughts on this, would the our government rebate the fee? With my luck everyone would rush out to get one and suppressor's would be in short supply.


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    You will be waiting forever. Just go ahead and do it now.

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    IF it passes all taxes paid after October of 2015 will be refunded. That said it's not passing anytime soon: it still doesn't have enough support to garnish a vote the last I knew. According to my FFL the wait should drop off soon because silencer sales dropped a lot after the law changed back in June. I say go head and get your silencer and submit the paperwork. You either have a few months to wait or the HPA passes and you can just go pick it up.


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