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    Hi all...I have gotten a ton of valuable info from this forum and thought I might share some info on this little carbine. Since my ACR has failed to give me true multi caliber conversions I decided to give this a try...
    This is an AR type, side charging, pistol caliber carbine that takes glock (9mm, .40, .45) and 1911 mags (.45). They sell conversion kits and can be changed b/t 9, 40, and 45 in munutes. (Very cool...)

    The first few mags had a few FTEs, FTFs, light primer strikes etc. which has been reported by others...I shot it without a cleaning (it is recommended to clean it before shooting...duh) I was a little nervous that I might have to send it in...Contacted the company and they said they would send a return lablel if needed...C/S was fast and friendly but I decided to see what I could find first...

    Took the gun apart (fairly easy to do), cleaned and lubed it...Noticed that the hammer would engage the trigger sear (hanging up on a small bur of metal on the curved suface of the hammer) about half way through its travel to its normal reset point. Dremeled smooth and no more hangup.

    Got a Primary arms micro dot and Magpul Moe stock and headed to the range...it ate 200 rounds (UMC yellow box) from OEM glock mags and a korean 33 rnd mag. No issues whatsoever!!! 17 rounds grouped around 2" @ 50 yards offhand. Very fast followup shots and minimal recoil.

    Overall very pleased and impressed by this gun. Great range toy, probably would do just fine in competition, may be a good choice for SHTF since pistol and carbine could use same ammo and mags...

    I added a wolf enhanced buffer spring (cut to same length as factory spring), DPMS single stage trigger kit with KNS anti-rotation pins, MOE pistol grip, AFG... Still no problems at all, tight groups, knocks steel plates over with authority and is so much fun to shoot.

    Pm me if you would like to see pics/video or want more info...

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    Never heard of it. I'm assuming it's a new company.

    Thanks for leting us know about 'em. Think I'll go check their web site.

    "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." - Pres. A. Lincoln

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    Quote Originally Posted by GatorACR View Post
    Since my ACR has failed to give me true multi caliber conversions
    A 9mm ACR would be pretty cool too.
    When have any of our plans ever actually worked? We plan. We get there. All hell breaks loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSM View Post
    A 9mm ACR would be pretty cool too.
    Dude, at this point ANYTHING other than 5.56 would be cool.

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    I saw it the 2011 annual gun buyers guide for the first time last week. Thanks for the review


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