Now what (California ACR owners)
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Thread: Now what (California ACR owners)

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    Now what (California ACR owners)

    I have not seen a product that will support to make the ACR "compliant" with the new laws in California that will take effect in the near future. I don't want to make my ACR featureless either. Any news on this front? Any input would be appreciated.

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    What's the new laws? I've not looked into the compliant features. Bullet button or permanently attached mag 2.0?
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    Just move. It will eliminate a lot of the problems you have I bet.
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    The ACR isn't popular enough for any new devices. You'll either have to 3D print something like the new Bullet Button for the ACR, or carve it out of wood if you want, or register it with CADOJ if you want to avoid going featureless.

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    Well from what I have heard there is a petition going around to stop, or appeal or something the new laws going into effect in 2017. That petition, last I heard is falling short of the required signatures. So there is three options, featureless, fix the magazine to the lower receiver, or register it. Personally I am going to register my and go full 'CA assault weapon' ei. add a few of the evil features to my rifle. Or you can do what Colt said and move... I'll be doing that too, eventually.

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    Basically, anything that is magazone fed has to have a "fire button", a device that locks your magazine where you need the tool to release it. Ar's, ak's, etc...its terrible.
    Idk what has changed since i was there in 2015 but this gun shop, claimed to be the best of the best of anywhere in the world as far as ak's go, told me I was a felon by not having said fire button on my 10rd PSL. Yup. No business was made from me in CA after that.
    So 10 rnd mag restrictions and that oh so safe for the rest of human kind fire button is all i remember they do.
    Oh and no s&w 500, no taurus judge (sbs as far as they clasify it), no circuit judge, and yes, the guys dressed full operator gear and patches, professionals mind you, at said gun shop do call ar's assault weapons...(my psl's barrel was too long ao it was a "high capacity, clip fed sniper rifle" lol)

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    Quick background for non-californians who might be out of the loop:
    The new law (as proposed in SB 880) removes the "bullet button" exemption from existing CA assault weapon law. Specifically it redefines “fixed magazine” to mean an "ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action." SB 880 (and AB 1135, which is chaptered out by SB 880 if you're keeping score) got the governors signature July 1 and go into effect at the end of the year. At that point, bullet button style magazine locks will no longer exempt semi-auto rifles from being assualt weapons in CA, sales will halt, and you'll have 1 year to register, sell out of state, or make-featureless any bullet buttoned rifles you already own.

    Sadly, the petitions HWMar2171 mentioned failed to get enough signatures by the Sept. 29 deadline. These petitions were to get referendums on the november ballot which would have allowed CA citizens to vote to repeal each of the 6 anti-gun bills recently passed by Gov. Brown). 360K were needed for each petition, and reports say less than a third were achieved. Blame has fallen to poor awareness (of both the passing of SB 880 and of the petition itself) and to general apathy by the majority of California's estimated 13 million gun owners. Personally I think gun owners just don't want their name and addresses on a list, be it the SB 880 registration list, or the petiton list. Either way, it failed and there's no going back.

    To answer the OP's question: I'm not aware of any ACR "bullet button reloaded" (BBR) type device like the one for the AR-15. As suggested, carving one out of hardwood isn't a bad idea. The mag button on the ACR is extremely simple. You'd have to either use a set screw or shim on the left side to prevent it being pushed in the wrong direction, or carve out the ramp so nothing happens if pushed from the left.

    If you absolutely don't want to go featureless or register, you could insert shims in the gap between the trigger pack and the lower receiver just inside of the mag release button. It's hard to describe, but basically you're preventing the mag button from being pressed. I've tried it and it works -- it requires that you open the action to remove a shim and press the mag button. It's a pain though and really only viable as a legal storage solution if you are taking your rifle to a remote desert to shoot...outside of CA.

    I'll bet a BBR for the ACR could be 3d printed pretty easily come to think of it ... anyone with the skills feel like giving it a thought?

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    That's the best idea so far about the shims. The featureless idea is a bit cumbersome

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    Not sure if anyone is still interested but I have prototyped a fixed mag release for my ACR. Similar to the ones made for AR's. I'm having it priced out at my local CNC shop to see if it's even feasible to do a small run. If there is interest I might do 50 or 100?

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    I'm down! Let me know

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